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Bring Sylvia and one of her collections or a piece of art to your community center, business, organization or company to showcase the development of the collections and the individuals within the collection. She presents on art captured on canvas, and art-in-the-making which is simply the art in living.

Informative Topics!

You’re never to old to take action and create a better life for yourself. Time is fleeting, opportunities are waiting.

A speaker and portrait artist fascinated by the the spirit and expression of the human face using color and light to bring out the soul. Life is an incredible journey, rich with experience that comes out through her art, in the people she chooses to paint, and in the life she is curating for herself.

Honoring the human spirit. One face at a time. Available for Your Organization, Public Relations event, Community Outreach, and Cultural Exhibits.

Sylvia is an award winning artist with moving collections of individuals and commissioned artwork. When most Boomers are looking to retire, Sylvia embarked on a mental bootcamp to lose weight through surgery, and set up a lifestyle mindset to keep it off, and to keep learning. While others struggle with issues of aging, Sylvia has tackled it head on. She addresses these topics in her weight loss and aging with grace sessions.

Among the her many visually powerful collections, the African American collection is the most popular. The collection is available for exhibit, and Sylvia is available for presentations and talks about the exhibit. Perfect for Education, Diversity, and Honoring. Show your support for the strength of our past, and provide a collection and talk for visitors, your community, or organization. Sylvia offers a variety of talks based on all her collections, and offers ‘meet the artist sessions’.

Powerful, Talented, Determined / Artist and Presenter
Sylvia can elevate and expand the experience of your audiences through the understanding of art. She engages audience in discussions promoting critical thinking and in cultural / art appreciation

  • The Power of Historical Figures in a Collection
  • Development of the Collection
  • Capturing the Essence of the Soul
  • The Importance of the Subject

Honoring the Human Spirit by Looking and Feeling Your Best:

  • Time to Live, Not Slow Down
  • Tackling Weight loss for More Golden Years
  • It’s Not a Silver Bullet, but a Powerful Option

She can tailor her message to address a wide range of audiences. Ultimately, Sylvia’s message is vital for anyone in need of inspiration to age well while continuing to grow intellectually, as well as for creating a culture of acceptance, understanding and appreciation in these divisive times.


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Hire Sylvia for your next event, community outreach event, cultural event, diversity fair, health and wellness fair or event, special collections/exhibitions events. You won’t be disappointed!

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